The Owner/CEO
Alicia Valencia Erb
I pinch myself too often now because I cannot believe I have a shop to share with others! I'm doing this because I believe we are here to be in the service of others. I learned the concept of "people helping people" after working as an engagement and marketing executive for nearly 21 years in my beloved credit union and cooperative business industries. (Shout out to my CU family!) 
Two years ago, I found myself in a situation where I had to decide what I really wanted to be doing with my life. A lot of soul searching took place; I completed my master's from Georgetown University; I took a solo road trip all the way to Maine, USA, and then it dawned on me...

I treasure our planet, I love fashion, and I love helping people feel great about themselves. To wrap my arms around all of those loves, I offer the best of curated consigned clothing, shoes, and accessories to those who want to look even more gorgeous, while also helping save our precious planet by using what is already here.

I also know the journey of entrepreneurship and how hard it can be in the beginning. There are many creatives who are looking for that one opportunity to see if their dreams can fly. To that end, I offer talented creatives (maybe even YOU) shelf space to test the market.
I am excited to be in this space of engaging all, sharing my vision of sustainability, supporting budding entrepreneurs, and building a community of like-minded humans.

Visit VIDA STYLE and experience delightful and different consignment! We're located near Old Town Alexandria's gorgeous waterfront. 

Thank you for your interest in shopping small and local!