VIDA STYLE SHOP - Consignment Boutique in Alexandria, VA

VIDA STYLE launched in Old Town Alexandria August 2022.

We are grounded in superior, personalized customer service, inclusion, and building community.

VIDA STYLE believes in a circular economy, a model of reusing, recycling what is already here for as long as possible. Our closets are packed with delightful pieces that never see the light of day or that we have worn only once. Why not forward your fashion to share with others?

We also support local creatives by offering them shelf space to test the market. We all started somewhere, and if VIDA STYLE can help others be wildly successful, then we have serviced others in a special way. 

Why VIDA STYLE? "Vida" means life in Spanish. VIDA STYLE sells a lifestyle of sustainability, giving life to entrepreneurs' dreams, and building community.

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