R&B Singers, Sitcom Divas, and Oscar Winners All Love Shopping Sustainably!

R&B Singers, Sitcom Divas, and Oscar Winners All Love Shopping Sustainably!

By Eva Pierre

Many of Hollywood’s fashion icons love shopping second-hand!  Despite being unfathomably wealthy, pop culture’s top ladies are dedicated to making a difference in the world, and in style.  

Grammy-winning R&B and Hip-Hop artist, SZA, proudly performs in thrifted clothing and is regularly seen in her second-hand pieces. She even confesses to a sustainable fashion addiction, calling thrift shops “the devil”. We can all relate to the second-hand shopping bug that the “Kill Bill” singer has been bitten by. Hopefully SZA loves consignment shopping too (the VIDA STYLE ladies would love to meet her).

Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker finds second-hand shopping a practical decision, telling Business Insider she only buys pre-loved clothing for her son. This Y2K icon Executive Produced HBO drama, Divorce, in 2016. Her costume designer told Fashionista magazine Parker wore all vintage or second-hand pieces. Aiming for a 70s’ look, they bought vintage dresses in larger sizes and altered them to fit Parker. Altering second-hand clothing is a great way to get your dream outfit without breaking the bank!

With a resume ranging from action-packed superhero movies to tearjerkers and unsettling dramas, this Israeli-American Actress and Dior ambassador struts around awards ceremonies and galas in vintage clothing. Natalie Portman is a proud advocate for keeping our planet as beautiful as she is.

Along with assisting in the creation of a vegan leather company, a successful one that is currently switching luxury brands to innovative mushroom leather, this Oscar-winning starlet has been known only to shop sustainable and second-hand. She loves giving her clothing new life by mending her torn or broken clothing, rather than tossing it. Miss Portman also stunned her colleagues at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, not wearing a new dress, but a gown hand-crafted decades ago by Christian Dior himself. Giving new life to our beloved pieces is a great way to save money and the planet!

Our favorite celebs are proving to us why sustainably is the fun, economical, and greenest way to shop. Just try it, you might just fall in love.


Photo: Cindy Ord/ Getty images

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