A Classy Summer Look

A Classy Summer Look

By Eva Pierre

Audrey Hepburn was a major style icon in the 20th century and made historic changes in the worlds of fashion and film.  She is well known for movies like "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Sabrina", and "Roman Holiday"Audrey Hepburn’s roles have ranged from a girl struggling for cash in Manhattan to a princess in disguise in Rome.  She was inducted into the Best Dressed Hall of Fame multiple times and continues to inspire fashionistas of the 21st century.  

In this photo of Audrey taken during the summer in Malibu, 1956, we see her wearing striped shorts and a cropped white top.  She pairs her look with classic white flats, a staple for every lady during this time. To update this look we can first start with trendy blue striped boxer shorts. These shorts have been joked about on social media for being ultra-stylish in big cities and indecent and goofy in small towns.  Either way, they’re adorable.  On top, we could do a classic white top with small details like buttons and gathered fabric. This is cute, elegant, and timeless, just like Audrey.  

There are many options for shoes, we could go with flats, loafers, or even heels!  For our interpretation, we used white loafers.  You can mix and match with this outfit, some sneakers would even work too (although Audrey wouldn’t wear sneakers).  If you chose to go the extra comfy route, try the micro-trending sneakers like Adidas Spezials or classic Reeboks.

Now, the best part: accessories!  We chose a jade bracelet and gold earrings.  These are simple and elegant, and the jade adds a pop of color to this outfit. Jade also symbolizes wisdom, beauty, and perfection, all fitting for Audrey Hepburn. From VIDA STYLE we have a monogram canvas Celine tote bag with leather straps.  This bag is big enough for all of your essentials and extras!  Then we have Michael Kors aviator glasses with a classic tortoiseshell design.  Sleek, classy, and perfect for the summer!

Hollywood’s princess has inspired us to be simple and elegant since her first movie in 1953. Audrey Hepburn was known for being a kind and compassionate humanitarian.  We believe that if she were here today she would have loved shopping second-hand/resale.  We would have loved to see her consignment shopping in Old Town Alexandria.  Wouldn't that be fun? 

Photo: Flickr

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