My Sabbath & My Shop

My Sabbath & My Shop

Good morning! It's a time when I, the owner of VIDA STYLE, wake up to sun on my face (usually, not always! LOL) and head to my den, where the windows let in a new day. It's a quiet time when I hear only the sounds of a distant bird or watch the day begin to take place. I don't always want to get up and get started with my day, to be honest. I am tired a lot (haha) and sometimes all I want to do is stay tucked away in the comfy confines of my heavenly bed. I love to sleep in, but today is not the day. I sleep in on my only day of rest -- my Sabbath, which happens to be Saturday. 

Since opening my shop in August 2022, I have always been closed on Saturdays. Yet, I still get asked or encouraged to open my shop's doors on our only day off. People often wonder if I'm crazy, as a new business owner, to close my doors on Saturday, the busiest retail day of the week. They suggest that I let my team open the store instead. Inside, I chuckle and shake my head and think to myself, it doesn't work that way. My Sabbath-keeping extends to everything that I do and touch, including my amazing team. It is a day that I use to reflect on all, and I mean all the goodness my God has shown to me over the past week. 

As a solo business entrepreneur, with a brick and mortar shop, I am at it all week long, leading my team and working alongside them to ensure VIDA STYLE thrives and shines and is a place that people want to shop and engage with. So, by Thursday after we close, I am squealing over my joy that my Sabbath is on the horizon. And I begin the countdown to the only day that I can do anything but work.

On my Sabbath, I give myself permission to reflect on my blessings with zero mention of work or work-related matters. I clear my head of anything that takes me away from counting my blessings. I choose to spend my day catching up with my friends or family. I go outside and find a new trail to hike or walk and take in nature's wondrous beauty. Or sometimes I run my three miles around my neighborhood. Some days, I sit at home and watch an indie film or re-read a fave book ("America the Beautiful" by Moon Unit Zappa or "The Wonder Spot" by Melissa Bank, to name a couple.) or I bake or cook a crazy-good meal. It's a time for me to catch up on me and my thoughts and to be thankful for everything good.

I am not Jewish, I am Seventh-day Adventist, and I rest on my Saturdays. I was raised Adventist by my parents, and it's one of the best gifts they could have given to me. I'm thankful to them for showing me how to break free from work. It's legit the best day of the week for me.

As for what it means to my could see it as a day of lost revenue. Oh no. I see it as day where I gain much more -- myself restored, refreshed, and happy; those are invaluable to me. I return to work feeling my best for my customers and my business. And trust me when I say that I see countless blessings when I hold true to my conviction of my day of rest. My faith in the Big Guy taking care of me for staying true to myself and to Him pays dividends when and where I need it the most. 

I encourage everyone to find their day of rest and pause. I believe in turning everything off on one day to restore your peace and joy. Whether you choose a day during the week or the weekend is up to you. Just find your special day...your mind and body will thank you for it later. 


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